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Complete devotion

Galina Velcheva / Complete devotion
Complete devotion
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Complete devotion

A unique oil painting depicting the symbolic relationship between mother and children, against the background of the creation of the infinite universe. The painting is made with natural druses of semi-precious stones, oil paints and sand. Unique style with great scope and deep meaning. Impressive 3D effect. The picture is part of a triptych. A cotton cloth stretched on a wedge wooden subframe was used.

Signed by the artist in the lower right corner.

The painting is protected with a final varnish in two thin layers to protect the painting from dust and other atmospheric pollutants.

There is a special cord mounted for hanging on the wall.

It will be sent protected and in appropriate packaging.

If you are interested in the painting, please contact the artist for more information and more photos of the work.

Dimensions: W 100 cm X H 120 cm without the decorative wooden frame.

Галина Велчева
Oil painting, Picture mixed technique
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